ADL: Innovative Fee Structures

  • Traditional CFA (or “no win no fee“) have effectively been killed off and we try to be innovative about our fees as we realise that fees are a big issue for clients.

This area of our website is aimed at demystifying solicitors’ costs and legal costs in civil matters and it is also in our [ fees brochure ] and our [client care pack.] We publish our [ fee rates ]and try to use [ fixed fees ]in most cases of non-litigation.

Out of pocket expenses, such as Court fees, counsel’s fees or expert’s fees must always be pre-paid.

  • monthly budgets – many clients set up direct debits to pay us an agreed monthly amount, with the outstanding becoming payable when your matter is won at Court or settled (available to companies with directors guarantees)
  • we will always explore with you whether you have the benefit of legal expenses insurance (often part of a home insurance policy) which will cover your legal fees.

Many of our services, such as contract drafting will have fixed fees, so you will know at the outset what your costs will be. Even where we cannot act for you on a fixed fee basis, we will advise you about the likely costs you will incur at the outset and can arrange staged fees.

Although we have a published set of partner fees rates, these may differ for your partner.