Intellectual Property Infringement

Many firms operate as either Infringement Claimant Solicitors or Infringement Defence Solicitors. We act as both.

This means we can anticipate arguments likely to be received from the Counterparty to any actual or threatened litigation.

Over the years, we have acted:

As Infringement Defence solicitors, we have acted for 

  • for clients whose rights have been infringed;
  • against importers unlawfully importing non-EU but genuine goods into Europe;
  • against importers importing goods into Europe in breach of restrictive covenants;
  • against importers importing counterfeit goods;

As Infringement Defence solicitors

  • for clients where Claimants have knowingly alleged falsely that their rights have been infringed;
  • for clients where Claimants have alleged that their rights have been infringed but where no such infringement actually occurred;
  • for clients facing intellectual property litigation as a defendant where the claim is doomed to failure but carried out to gain an anti-competitive legal advantage; and
  • for clients who have received cease and desist notices.

Most matters in Intellectual Property law are not as clear cut as some clients (and solicitors) will tell you and we have an very high success rate both as Infringement Defence and as Infringement Claimant solicitors. This comes from knowing the field from both sides of the Court (i.e. as both Defence and Claimant Counsel).

If you are facing an infringement matter, our solicitors will provide a free 15 minute consultation* on the phone and will also provide a further 45 minutes free after the first 2 hours of billed work. This means that you get one hour of free advice. 

*In order to provide free advice, we regret to inform potential clients that our regulatory rules and GDPR data protection law require that you complete our engagement letter before we are able to give advice and before you are covered for legal advice.